Klean Recovery™

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Source of carbohydrates to support energy production and protein which helps build and repair body tissues.

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Klean Recovery is a delicious, milk chocolate-flavoured powder formulated with the athlete’s recovery in mind. A 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein helps support glycogen re-synthesis and muscle protein synthesis immediately after a workout. Certain carbohydrates like dextrose and fructose are excellent choices to support the anabolic phase post-exercise, given their rapid absorption and utilization. In addition, whey protein is rapidly absorbed and rich in amino acids, including BCAAs, which are crucial to muscle building. Indications




1092 g


Milk Chocolate

Ingredients & Usage

Medicinal Ingredients (per scoop – approx. 54.6 g):
Whey Protein Isolate (from Bos taurus milk)…11.9 g (Providing: Whey Protein…10 g)
Dextrose…19.5 g
D-Fructose…19.5 g

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Dutch process cocoa powder, natural flavours, sunflower lecithin. Contains: Milk

Recommended Dose:
Adults: Mix 1 scoop daily in 1-2 cups of water immediately before consumption and consume within 20 minutes post-exercise or competition.


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