Cal Mag Berry Liquid +

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Helps in the development and maintenance of night vision, bones and teeth. Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.


Comprehensive bone support formula with 100% citrate minerals
• Calcium and magnesium along with therapeutic dosages of vitamins A, D and K to help in the development and maintenance of bones
• Calcium intake may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise

High bioavailability potential
• Calcium and magnesium are delivered in citrate form, providing superior bioavailability
• Includes boron citrate

Natural blueberry flavour
• Great taste for excellent patient compliance

Cal Mag Berry Liquid + supports bone health with a combination of calcium and magnesium, plus boron and vitamins A, D and K. Calcium citrate is an organic form of calcium that is significantly better absorbed in postmenopausal women than inorganic calcium oxide.1 Magnesium citrate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium that helps to maintain bone mineral density: in healthy young men, regular magnesium supplementation has been shown to suppress bone turnover rates.

In human participants with osteroporosis, supplementation with the plant-based boron compound calcium fructoborate was found to improve bone density. Insufficient vitamin K intake may increase bone fracture risk, and vitamin K supplementation has been shown to reduce bone turnover and improve bone strength.




450 ml

Ingredients & Usage

Medicinal Ingredients (per tablesoon – 15 ml):
Vitamin A (vitamin A acetate)…300 mcg RAE / 1000IU
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)…25 mcg / 1000IU
Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone)…80mcg
Vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7)…20mcg
Calcium (calcium citrate)…500mg
Magnesium (magnesium citrate)…200mg
Boron (boron citrate)…2000mcg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
Purified water, xylitol, natural blueberry flavour, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, organic stevia leaf extract (glucosylsteviosides), ascorbic acid.

Recommended Dose:
Take one tablespoon daily with a meal, a few hours before or after taking other medications, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Shake well before each use. Do not refrigerate.


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